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Originality in marketing: the top 20 “street” advertisements

Sometimes invasive and annoying, urban marketing does has the potential to be innovative in how the city's objects are used to convey a message.

by Floyd (Topito) On January 27, 2011

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There is something interesting about ads that creatively take advantage of urban space (notably from Julian Beever’s optical illusions). Clearly this domain sparks the imagination and gives way to endless innovations. This list is devoted to streets and restricts the art to the ground, further cultivating an appreciation for urban space.

1-Vijay Sales’s barbecues

2-A musical crossing

3-An orthodontist can straighten that out

4-The South African tourism office

5-The pedestrian crossing bar-code

6-NGO Aseema for children’s rights

7-Mr. Clean makes it whiter

8-McDonald fries tries to take over the world

9-Opitical illusions by Julian Beever

10-A new security system for manholes

11-A hot cup of coffee…

12- The promotion for the children’s books “The Kids Who Could Fly”

13-Fedex’s office supplies

14-Durex condoms: with “knobs” :-)

15-The new Canon: with a bigger “zoom”

16-Your cigarette butts go in the trash…

17-Made by a creative hairdresser

18-Water is life

19-Amnesty International

20-A memorial for victims of the road

Source : boredpanda.com

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