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Earlier this year French politician Réne Dosière revealed some of the triple-A spending of the French President and his Prime Minister. Now OWNI have put together a special infographic detailing the best of the worst of the Élysée's expenses.

by Loguy & Sabine Blanc On April 27, 2012

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The French politician René Dosière has made something of a specialty of rummaging through those accounts of the French state that others find hard to reach. He has produced two books from his investigations. His most recent, L’argent de l’État (The Money of the State), was released in February, and detailed the triple-A spending of the Élysée Palace, home of the French President.

Any journalist with a soft spot for data feels three things on reading Dosière’s work. Firstly, joy mingled with admiration: through his perseverance, Dosière recovered a trove of figures of massive public interest on how the President of the Republic and his Prime Minister waste manage their annual budget. Between 2002 and 2012, Dosière asked over 400 questions. It took four years to discover the actual cost of the famous Bastille Day garden party held annually by Nicolas Sarkozy. A delay symptomatic of the tendency to drag their feet when it comes to answering certain uncomfortable questions.

The second feeling is one of irritation: how can the book not contain any data visualisations, settling for a handful of ugly tables? Swiftly followed by a third feeling of joy: joy that we have at our disposal the wonderful graphic artist Loguy, who has created  the beautiful infographic below, based on the key numbers from the book. Réne Dosière, augmented.

Illustration and design by Loguy for Owni /-)

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