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[video] A life on Facebook: to live & log-out

Once upon a time there was Alex Drone. His silhouette guides us through his life on Facebook, earmarked by log-ins and log-outs. This brief, must see, film suggests that everyone can take on the role of hero.

by Julien Goetz On November 12, 2010

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Tours, France Bleu, France Inter, entrepreneuriat, Radio France Multimédia, freelance, planches, écritures et autres mots clés. Tant que ça émoustille, frétille d'envies, réinvente l'instant, déborde d'imaginaire, questionne le monde, que ça ne craint ni la folie ni l'humilité et que dansent les mots, les airs et les idées, alors ça me colle à la peau. Donc OWNI, forcément.

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Posted only two days ago, this short film – directed by Maxime Luère - was quickly picked up by the online community and already counts nearly 600,000 views on YouTube. Why? Probably because it  tells the simple story of life through the lens of a social media we known almost as well as we know ourselves, Facebook.

In this “new way of life” everything is shared more quickly, with more people. Emotional response is just a click away, as our life is increasingly lived through our computer screens. A huge open-air story, a simple to scroll timeline, still full of the same passions that have inspired us for centuries.

We interact by ‘liking’, we meet in a wall governed by a few rules (thank you photo-tagging!) and we’re just a few pokes away from our family. The video is soundtracked by the evergreen “Paint it black”. Alex Drone is, in a way, our avatar, and his “Life on Facebook,” makes us smile. It’s the story of our life.

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